FieldBitcoins review


FieldBitcoins is another faucet that’s been around for a while now, paying on time to thousands of happy users for a few months now! In the world of timed faucets, FieldBitcoins stands very close behind MoonBit in terms of the quality of the service offered. It’s not immediately apparent if FieldBitcoins is an official sister site of MoonBit, or a clone – but if it is a copy, it’s a good one!

ehhThe FieldBitcoins interface is very familiar to users of MoonBit. Payment is made weekly once you achieve the 10,000 satoshi threshold. Xapo users can receive their coins instantly with no issues.

The claims rates are as follows:

As you can see there is a 10% bonus for Xapo payouts which is fair – and the claims go through instantly!

For shame! 22 days with no claims! Don’t forget about FieldBitcoins like I did!

While this is slightly lower than MoonBit and even, it’s still a very reasonable set-and-forget timed faucet, and definitely deserves your attention – it also features a massive 50% referral commission on all claims!

Join FieldBitcoins now!


QoinMicro review


QoinMicro is a cool new Faucetbox based site that launched very recently and I’m proud to introduce to you! It offers clean, keyboard free claims from between 601-700 satoshi per hour! Despite the large number of 1000+ satoshi faucets, I think these rates are still very reasonable!

QoinMicro is based on the MicroFaucet script, employed by a number of sites and favoured for its clean, fast appearance and ease of use. The site is protected by Funcaptcha and is steadily growing into a popular, quality faucet!

5ufpfoQoinMicro is essentially idiot proof, insert your BTC address, login and claim! Cashout is instant and there is no thresholds, your satoshi will arrive in your Faucetbox instantly. Unless you’re an idiot..

z3SDbeuA great sign is the fact that QoinMicro launched on Bitcointalk – this tends to be a very positive sign that shows the admin is accessible and not faceless. Definitely a faucet to check out!



zzBitcoin review


zzBitcoin is a brand new Faucetbox faucet based on the MiniFaucet script. It originally offered rewards of 1500 satoshi every 59 minutes, before rather confusingly changing to a 12 hour claim period (perhaps due to rapid uptake during the first few days).

zzBitcoin has since rebalanced their rewards and timer, now offering 1000 satoshi every 30 minutes up to a jackpot of 500,000 satoshi! It remains to be seen whether this is a sustainable amount for the admin (who I have tried to contact via email, to no avail) to maintain.

That being said, I have successfully cashed out my earnings without any trouble at all:


fullThe site is protected (hardly) by the old-style Recaptcha. If the admin sees this review, I HIGHLY suggest you upgrade your site to Funcaptcha to ensure you aren’t botted like I was!

The site is smooth and easy to use, although I do have some criticism – firstly referrals aren’t visible and also the commission is an unknown amount (it was 50%) – that aside, thisย zzBitcoin is proving to be a very popular site and is featured site on my faucets at present.

AquaBitcoin review


AquaBitcoin is a new faucet from the long-running team which launched earlier in October. The faucet offers a minimum reward of 700 satoshi and a jackpot prize of 200,000 satoshi! The faucet operates on the Faucetbox platform and has gotten off to a solid start.

AquaBitcoin is protected by Funcaptcha and a unique anti-bot system that requires users to click 3 links in a specific order before they can claim. This is fairly quick and simple and the links aren’t placed anywhere near ads, unlike some of the clickbaiting ‘anti-bot’ links that have appeared in recent months.

1b7KGWhile we certainly aren’t a fan of cheap ‘anti-bot’ systems, AquaBitcoin actually employs one that serves a purpose. Check out the site now and good luck hitting the jackpot, fingers crossed :)

babylawdBanner review

Standard is a faucet that has been around since the mid-summer. It launched in a fairly lowkey manner on Bitcointalk and has remained a popular faucet for those in the know since then. offers rates of around 180 satoshi every 15 minutes, up to a maximum of 900 satoshi. While not as high paying as some of the other ‘timed’ style faucets, still offers very reasonable rates for less-frequent faucet users. These claims are adjusted by the admin from time to time. features a direct payment system which appears to be manually approved and processed by the admin. As of October 2015 this faucet is definitely a paying site! features a generous 20% referral rate and features a nice list of faucet down the right hand column. Definitely worth a look guys, check it out today!


Tim’s Faucet Review – Hentenaar Faucet


Tim’s Faucet – aka Hentenaar Faucet – is a fresh new faucet that appeared this month in a fairly lowkey manner. Offering a HUGE 1500 satoshi every hour, this faucet is sure to grab your attention if it hasn’t done so already!

The Faucetbox powered faucet piggybacks on a longstanding blog written by Tim and features an incredibly clean, minimalistic interface – perhaps one of the cleanest I’ve seen in a year or so.

gkbt6Tim’s Faucet offers 1500 satoshi per hour, with zero frills! The site was initially protected by Recaptcha, but now features the increasingly popular Funcaptcha system.

Claims are as simple as they look, enter your address, solve the puzzle and get your satoshi prize! I don’t know what else to say, Tim’s Faucet has exploded onto the scene with the forceful silence of a supernova – and by all accounts, Hentenaar’s Faucet looks set to be around for a while!


I caught up with Tim for a brief chat about his background and a few other Bitcoin related things!

BWK6LJAWhat’s your background in Bitcoin, Tim? I notice you’ve blogged for a number of years now..

Tim: I’m a computer engineer by trade, but I’ve kept an eye on bitcoin for years. I decided to start my faucet primarily as an experiment and a precursor to another faucet which I’m currently designing

You came out at the ‘head of the pack’ so to speak, offering large rewards – have you encountered any growing pains thusfar?

Tim: By God! That was my intention, after doing my initial market research ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, the demand has been surprising. I’m paying out 1.5 – 2 mil. satoshi per hour on average, minus the hundred thousand or so I lost to bots thus far in total. The only real growing pain has been ensuring that there’s enough to go around. I never keep more in the faucet than I need for a day.

You mentioned a second faucet – are Bitcoins going to be your main focus, or have any other altcoins piqued your interest?

Tim: I’m mining all sorts of altcoins at the moment, but Bitcoin seems to be the only one that holds appeal for an extended period (litecoin being a close second.)

You actually started your faucet before one of the biggest price movements since earlier in the year, do you anticipate Bitcoin breaking the $300 mark again this year? Any thoughts on the market – or Blockchain – forces affecting Bitcoin’s price?

Tim: I don’t know if it will break $300, but there’s certainly some nice movement going on. It’s going to be fun to watch ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are also more startups this year focused on bitcoin and blockchain-related technology. I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with. Next year we might see some even greater movement in bitcoin.

There’s not much to your faucet, it’s a bit of an enigma – you’ve come out into the scene without the usual Bitcointalk thread, ad banners, bells-and-whistles type entrance – any reason why?

Tim: It’s all part of my strategy. Subtlety can be a more effective tool than trying to land a 747 in the middle of Lake Cumberland for example. My main goals are to provide a stellar user experience and keep my users coming back for more satoshi. Thus far they just keep coming back for more.

5lIkp4qWhat else can I say? Check out Tim’s Faucet now! The Faucet Runner certainly approves :)